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SAI - We are your local office in India

We source exactly what you ask for in a timely manner and at a right price.


Registered tech-led startups making India the third largest startup eco-system.


India's manufacturing exports in the fiscal year 2020-21.


largest economy in the world.

Our mission

To help global companies access Indian manufacturing capabilities hassle-free 

We have established a seamless sourcing process, eliminating the complexities traditionally associated with sourcing high-quality products and materials from India.


Our Platform

The platform to source the most cost-effective and innovative products from India.

Established in India we have a first-hand understanding of what could be a reasonable price of a particular product or material. We transfer such insights to our clients.

Our Core Competencies

Extensive Supplier Network

Over the years we have built a vast and reliable network of suppliers across different manufacturing sectors in India. This ensures access to a wide range of products and materials that meet the quality and cost requirements of foreign clients.

Quality Assurance and Compliance

We implement stringent quality control measures to ensure that products sourced from Indian manufacturers meet international standards and comply with relevant regulations. This includes conducting thorough supplier audits, inspections, and testing.

Cost Optimization

Our staff of experts have demonstrated the ability to negotiate competitive prices and favorable terms on behalf of foreign clients leveraging local market knowledge and identifying opportunities for cost savings without compromising product quality.

Cultural and Language Proficiency

Having a deep understanding of Indian culture, business practices, and local languages to facilitate effective communication and smooth collaboration between foreign clients and Indian manufacturers. 

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