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Sourcing Agent India (SAI) is a trusted partner for sourcing and manufacturing quality products in India for global markets.

Our service allows companies to source products from top Indian manufacturers while doing quality checks, safe payments, shipping and to save up to 70% cost by doing it all 3x efficiently and fast.

A single place to source all your unique requirements.

Our team of experts perfectly know the intricacies of the Indian market and can help you design, develop, manufacture and source high-quality products from over 15 categories at a competitive price.

Top-tier Manufacturers Network

Our team travels across India, visiting trade fairs & factories to build a top-tier network of suppliers across 15+ categories for your company.

Overcome Cost of Poor Quality

We do mid-production & pre-shipment quality inspection to reduce waste from poor quality and improve margins for your company.

Diversify & Scale with Confidence

Our on-the-ground presence means your company can predict & prevent unknown issues, identify opportunities and make informed decisions.

Our team exactly know how, where and whom to approach for a particular product requirement as we know our markets and vendors capabilities thoroughly.

Jevish Torawala, Founder

What will you achieve while sourcing products from India with us?

We provide top product sourcing solutions for fast growing companies to launch more new-in-kind products while making their procurement cycles efficient. 

Top product categories to source from India

Textile Fabrics &




Raw Materials



Instrumentation & Automation

Global reach, local on-the-ground sourcing expertise


Our teams are based in Surat, Gujarat and Mumbai, Maharashtra. Although we are almost always travelling across India visiting factories and attending trade shows. We speak 8 local languages and have 10+ years of experience in sourcing from India.

Household Items & Kitchenware

White Goods


Maintenance, Repairs & Operations

Chemicals & Petro Products

Many More


Your Journey to Sourcing The Best Products from India Starts Here

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About Sourcing Agent India (SAI)

Sourcing Agent India (SAI) is an agency based in Surat, Gujarat, India. We have grassroot understanding of the clusters of different industries in different states. For example, the state of Haryana is known as the basmati rice bowl of India where as Surat city in Gujarat State is known as the textile hub of India. Our role as a sourcing agent in India involves connecting global companies with reliable suppliers and manufacturers across various industries in the country. This way we can help you source the right products from the right suppliers at the right prices.

What are the benefits of working with a Sourcing Agent India (SAI)?

Working with Sourcing Agent India (SAI) can help your business to access a wide range of products at competitive prices, improve your supply chain efficiency, and reduce the overall costs. Sourcing Agent India (SAI) can also help your business to navigate the complexities of the Indian market and to identify new opportunities for growth.

What are the benefits of working with a sourcing agent in India?

Sourcing Agent India (SAI) offer a wide range of services you need to source products from India to get them delivered to you which includes market research, supplier identification, price negotiation, quality control, and logistics management.

How do you ensure that only the best quality is delivered by the manufacturer?

With our highly distributed operation team consisting of our full-time employees and contractors in different regions, we are able to dispatch them to conduct on-site inspections to evaluate suppliers easily. The same goes for product inspection during shipment.

How can you help my business to find the right manufacturers in India?

We help businesses find the right suppliers by conducting market research to identify potential suppliers, evaluating their capabilities, and conducting on-site visits to assess their facilities and production processes.

How is your services different from other sourcing agencies in India?

Sourcing in the right region, understanding different specifications and materials, and knowing how and when to get the best price from a potential manufacturer are just a few of the considerations we make to save our customers time and avoid any unnecessary pitfalls along the way.

Moreover, we approach each assignments as a mutual obligation between the customer and ourselves, rather than a non-commitment agreement, as some of our colleagues do. Unfortunately, many sourcing agencies' strategies are centered on a no-cure/no-pay, rapid commission trade; just quick picks and choices, mediated through a small number of existing supplier connections. If a project does not meet their "quick wins" approach, they will only devote a limited amount of time in it or will not execute it.

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