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Source and Manufacture Die Casting Components in India for Sri Lanka

Source metal parts to print / drawing specifications of high precision, high quality mechanical components delivered on time under highly IP protected environment from India to Sri Lanka.

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Our Capabilities

We make custom manufacturing of casting components in India more accessible for Sri Lanka based companies

From door handles to bathroom fittings, automobile components to parts for machines, we can help you source just about any casting product or part that you want, in any size or quantity, in the material of your choice and at the most reasonable rates you’ll find anywhere.

Die Casting

Sourcing Agent India (SAI) offers high-quality die-cast components in various materials such as aluminum, zinc, copper, brass, and bronze alloys. These components can undergo CNC machining for further refinement, and surface finishes include shot-blasting, texturing, plating, and painting.

Investment Casting

Sourcing Agent India (SAI) specializes in developing investment casting components in a wide range of materials like stainless steel, carbon steel, and exotic alloys ensuring precision and intricate designs, while post-casting processes like CNC machining and various surface treatments, such as polishing and powder coating, are also available.

Sand Casting

Sourcing Agent India (SAI) produces robust components with complex geometries using sand casting solutions for diverse applications encompassing an array of materials, including iron, steel, and non-ferrous alloys. Supplementary procedures like CNC machining and surface finishing options like shot-blasting, texturing, and painting are also available.

Injection Molding

With Injection Molding we can produce parts in a wide range of sizes and complexity. Small features, intricate geometries, and thin walls can be captured with ease using the injection molding process. Injection-molded components can be post-processed via various surface finishing options such as painting and texturing.

CNC Machining

Sourcing Agent India (SAI) provides high-quality, tight tolerance components machined from bar stock. We also finish as-cast and as-forged components. Sourcing Agent India (SAI) can provide a range of materials, from soft aluminum and brass to hard titanium and cobalt-chrome alloys.

Sheet Metal Stamping

Sourcing Agent India (SAI) produces custom sheet metal stampings in a wide range of custom materials including  cold-rolled steel, hot-rolled steel, stainless steel, galvanized, brass, aluminum, and beryllium along with a complete secondary operations including powder coating, painting, anodizing, silk screening, and pad printing. Assembly services are also available.


Source high precision components from leading  manufacturers in India 

When you utilize our services, we guide you through the entire process of manufacturing and sourcing your die cast products.

This includes identifying manufacturers who meet your specific requirements and conditions, requesting and reviewing quotes, negotiating the best price, verifying the manufacturer, setting up an effective communication system so that your expectations are fully understood, organizing quality inspections, troubleshooting when applicable, and managing all the other complexities that go with manufacturing and shipping goods from foreign shores. We even help you improve your product design, if required.

In other words, we do the heavy lifting and leave you free to devote your time and energy to other aspects of your business.

We source components as per your requirement specifications and deliver to you in Sri Lanka on time.


Feasibility Study

  • Technical and commercial feasibility of parts and assemblies

  • Recommendation of optimum process and material

  • Study of material alternatives

  • Scope clarifications

  • Value Engineering

  • Factory pre-qualification


Quote and Finalisation

  • Freeze technical specs prior to quote

  • Clear quote with clear scope and supply conditions

  • Detailed contract review prior to start


Product Development

  • Project Management approach

  • Weekly updates of progress

  • Complete qualification prior to Sample submission

  • Acceptance criteria frozen


Management of Quality

  • Tight In-process quality control

  • Acceptance standards implemented at factory

  • Final inspection with material testing


Suppliers & Logistics

  • Supplier audits

  • Logistics management

  • On-time delivery to your door

We source components for wide range of industrial applications

Our USP: Best price, quality and lead time

Maximize Precision

Sourcing Agent India (SAI) offers a precise match between customer specifications and supplier capacity with a tolerance level of up to 2 microns.

Maximize Quality

Sourcing Agent India (SAI) ensures that every component is inspected and meets requirements before dispatch. It ensures zero quality escapes, meaning no rejections at the customer end.

Maximize Clarity

At Sourcing Agent India (SAI), our team of project managers provide real-time transparency and accurate status of the project throughout.

Finding the right manufacturer for your needs from a pool of hundreds of thousands of factories across India can be a serious challenge. But not if you’re working with an experienced sourcing agent in India who can deliver your required components to your factory gate in Sri Lanka.

You can count on us to help you zero in on a manufacturer who will deliver exactly what you want in terms of price, quality, quantity, and lead time. We are committed to ensuring that your sourcing, manufacturing, and delivery processes are smooth, efficient, and hassle-free and that your products reach you in Sri Lanka without any delays.

We have received your submission successfully. One of our team member will connect with you shortly.

Everything you need to know about our sourcing services

Does outsourcing manufacturing of components to India really save me money?
Yes. Although costs of manufacturing in India have increased over the years, it has also increased in the western world. Globally, raw material costs are usually similar, but labor costs are still competitive in India.

Why should I hire a sourcing agent in India?
There are a lot of unknowns in India. You need to have presence in the place where manufacturing is carried out. Even if you feel that you can trust a supplier, there will still be issues that need to be dealt with. Language barriers, cultural differences, and different time zones will make the process sluggish and time-consuming. It is inefficient to handle these issues over Skype or by email.

Usually, you need to be on the factory floor to handle issues that crop up during the production process. A good sourcing agent will work in your best interests, manage issues during all stages of production, conduct quality control inspections, handle paperwork for shipping and so on.

Are Indian manufacturers able to match western quality standards?
Yes. Most high-end products – ranging from smartphones to vehicles – are now made in India. Keep in mind, however, that you get what you pay for.

What are the modes of payment to the supplier? Which is the most reliable?
Most often, the approach of Indian manufacturers towards payment term is to deal in partial advance and balance at the time of dispatch from factory with new clients. Some manufacturers also accepts LC and online payment via PayPal.

The most reliable mode depends on the specific circumstances and the level of trust established. Although, our on-the-ground presence in India means our team can verify ‘who is who’ and separate ‘the good from the bad’ enabling your company to make informed decisions. Moreover, when you do business with us, you can be assured that all payments will always be handled safely and reliably. As your sourcing agent in India, you won’t ever need to worry about scams and frauds.

How long will it take you to identify a suitable manufacturer for my sourcing requirements?
It is usually pretty quick if it is within our areas of expertise. We may already have a suitable manufacturer within our network already. If not, it can take 30 days to find and evaluate one.

What make Sourcing Agent India (SAI) different from other sourcing companies? 
Our people are a key part of the service we deliver to our clients. We are soley focused on our client’s needs and look to deliver value in everything we do. Also, we have integrity and are accountable for what we do which is so important when doing business overseas.

Where is Sourcing Agent India (SAI) located?
We are located in Surat, Gujarat, India. We have a strong presence and local expertise to effectively manage your sourcing requirements throughout India.

If I want a quote from a factory in China, what documentation do I need to give you?
Ideally, 3D files along with material specifications and estimated quantities will be very helpful. The more we know about your product (critical dimensions, special requirements, knowledge issues and so on) the more accurate the quote will be.

Do you sign a non-disclosure agreement with your clients?
Yes, we prioritize the confidentiality of our clients' information.

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