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Empty Glass Bottle & Jar Packaging with Delivery to Kazakhstan

Sourcing Agent India (SAI) is a specialized sourcing company that offers empty glass bottle and jar packaging sourcing solutions for Pharmaceutical, Cosmetics & Perfumery, and Food & Beverage companies, facilitating design, production, and decoration, with delivery from India to Kazakhstan.

We provide turnkey manufacturing solutions for custom glass bottles in India for Kazakhstan based companies.

We can help you source and manufacture premium quality glass bottle and jar packaging products in India for a wide range of industries including Cosmetics & Perfumery, Specialty Liquor & Food and Pharmaceuticals and manage timely delivery to you in Kazakhstan.

Sketch to finished products, made in India for Kazakhstan

According to customers specifications we asses a concept, interpret the design, and source the manufacturing with industry leading factories in India, and find the technical solutions for even the most idealistic and demanding of designs. Finally, we manage the delivery of the finished goods to your warehouse gate in Kazakhstan.

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Caps, pumps and closures for every type of bottle

We can source a broad range of closures and caps for almost all our standard and customized items. We will assist you in finding the most suitable closure for your specific product and will give you advice with regard to safety, usability and design to form a perfect unit.

Traditional and innovative decoration services

We can source a broad range of glass bottle decoration options that aligns with your product positioning in the markets of Kazakhstan. We will not limit your creativity. We can offer decoration services including Printing, Coating (Lacquering), Hot Foil Stamping, Frosting, Label Pasting, Decal, Masking, External Metallization.


Cost advantages of sourcing glass packaging from India for Kazakhstan based companies

Glass packaging is a labour and skill intensive industry. Not surprisingly, the cost of production in developing markets, like India is significantly lower than in markets like Kazakhstan.

Here are some potential cost advantages:

  1. India has a one of the largest, most cost-effective labour force and an internal market comparable in size to China leading to efficient production processes and potentially fewer quality control issues, reducing overall costs.

  2. India has cost advantages in terms of raw materials used for glass manufacturing, such as silica sand, soda ash, and limestone.

  3. The cost of setting up and operating manufacturing facilities in India is lower than Europe, North America, and South America considering expenses related to infrastructure, utilities, and regulatory compliance.

  4. India's glass packaging industry offers economies of scale due to a large domestic market and extensive manufacturing capabilities. Higher production volumes could result in lower costs per unit.

  5. India's geographic location provides certain advantages in terms of reducing shipping costs for many parts of the world compared to China due to its close proximity to major shipping routes and major glass product markets.

  6. Sourcing glass packaging from India can help brands and wholesalers around the world diversify their supplier base, reducing dependency on a single source and potentially improving negotiation power.

Featured glass packaging products to source from India for Kazakhstan

Tea, Herbs, Spice Jars

Sauce, Honey, Ketchup, Syrup

Reed Diffuser

Amber Glass Bottles & Jars


Soap, Lotion, Shampoo

Candle Glass Jar

Why choose us for your glass packaging sourcing requirements?

Custom Glass Packaging Sourcing

Individual approach to each clients

Managing packaging and delivery of goods

Strick quality control and inspection 

Factory floor presence on behalf of customers

Talk to our team

Whether you’re interested in sourcing your custom glass packaging products, enquiring about feasibility of manufacturing in India or partnering with us, we would love to hear from you.


Is the sample free of charge?
For the products we have in stock, the sample is free, you just need to provide us the courier account number, such as DHL, UPS, FedEx, etc. If you don’t have the above account number, then you can pay us the shipping cost and we will arrange the shipping. For custom products, mould development charges are applicable.

What is the minimum starting quantity?
Stock model 1 pcs or more
Custom size/design/shape, MOQ 10000 pcs.

How is the quality?

We source glass packaging products from industry leading companies in India. Thus each product is of high quality and is carefully inspected by professionals before packaging and shipping.

How do ensure that there isn't any defects in the glass bottles?

After the production is complete we inspect 20-50% of the goods. If there is any defect, we make sure that the same is corrected or replaced on 1:1 basis by the manufacturer. We do secondary inspection after the defects have been corrected or replaced.

What about the lead time for production?

1. For readily available samples, air freight to door within 7 working days.

2. For custom products designs, the lead time for mould development is around 20-25 days. For mass production, a good manufacturer in India has 100k - 500k pcs daily production capacity.

Do you sign a non-disclosure agreement with your clients?
Yes, we prioritize the confidentiality of our clients' information.

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